eXponential Compensation

At eXp Realty, our family of agents and brokers build their own businesses while establishing a direct ownership interest in the company as a shareholder and partner. The greatest asset of any real estate brokerage is the group of agents and brokers who are a part of it. In our view, those agents and brokers should be owners and at eXp Realty, they are.

eXp is attracting like-minded successful brokers and agents seeking to leverage technology while off-loading office walls, managing the office, training and support functions.  Through the innovative use of technology, the company provides agents, teams of agents, and brokerage owners with opportunities for increased profitability, reduced risk, and greater levels of professional development while fostering an organizational culture that values collaboration, strength of community, and commitment to serving the consumer’s best interests.

eXp agents are not constrained by brick and mortar obligations, capital requirements or structure not central to broker, agent, buyer and seller needs. eXp seeks to take advantage of a world digitally connected in ways never thought possible and inspire its people to leverage the best technologies to be the service leader in the real estate industry.



80/20 | $16,000 CAP | 100% COMMISSION

$99 One-Time Sign Up (Technology Fee, 1000 Business Cards, Company Pin & 20 Presentation Folders)

$420 Annual Tuition for eXp University (Deducted from first closing)

*  $50 Technology Fee

*  $25 Broker Review Fee

*  $30 E&O Insurance ($40 in CA) with $500 Annual CAP

*  $250 Transaction Fee for Capped Agents



The Icon Agent program is aimed at attracting and incentivizing top agents into the company. The program provides each qualified “Icon” with up to $16,000 in publicly-traded eXp Realty International Corporation common stock upon the achievement of certain production goals within an agent’s anniversary year. Through the program, Icons effectively earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of public company investment. Full qualification details are available on the ICON Agent Program page.



In order to encourage the formation of teams, the company allows for reduced Company Dollar Caps of for Buyer Specialists and Listing Specialists operating under the supervision of a Rainmaker and as members of the Rainmaker’s team. To qualify as a team the Rainmaker and his/her team must adhere to the Team Policy & Guidelines.



Revenue share pays you residual income from the people you sponsor into the company regardless of office profitability. Introduce someone to eXp Realty and earn 3.5% gross commission of their transactions. Additionally, keep earning 3.5% forever while that person is with eXp Realty and until they reach the annual $16,000k cap. Revenue share is paid from Company Dollar and doesn’t reduce agent commission and there’s no limit to the amount you can earn. If you personally sponsor at least 5 agents, you then earn 4% of the gross commission of transactions from agent’s that your sponsor’s sponsor. In total, there are 7 levels of revenue sharing potential based on the number of agents that your personally sponsor into the company.



Our Agents earn shares, subject to vesting, when they close their first transaction, cap, or attract another professionalinto the organization. The number of shares awarded for these achievements corresponds with the number of agents who are in the organization and, as a result, with the growth and value of our agent-owned company and its underlying stock, maintaining value of awards for those agents who join us tomorrow, while recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of those who are with us today, and minimizing dilution.



All agents and brokers in good standing with the Company are eligible to participate in the Program. Participants, by submitting the Agent Equity Program Participation Form authorize the Company to set aside five percent (5%) of Agent Net Commission (after splits and fees) (“Shares for Payment”) on transactions which close in their name. The price for shares issued under the Program shall be at a 20% discount to the fair market value of the Company’s common stock, as determined by the closing market price of the Company’s common stock on the last trading day of the month.

There is a lot of information for you to absorb, both upon joining and throughout your career with us as we continue to introduce new tools, systems, programs and initiatives all aimed at helping you take your business to the next level.

We’re excited about the opportunity to be in business with you and look forward to succeeding together.